Don't you love getting stuck into a new project? While I'm often quite happy doing a simple repaint or custom job I do love getting right in there with a more complex project that takes more thought and time to create.

It was creating such a project that got me back into the hobby again in 2016 after an absence of almost ten years. I wanted to attend the Copperfox Live Show in Scotland and only realised at the last moment that you could only show plastic models. As all I had were repainted chinas this meant some fast thinking and some serious customising. Thus JUSTA DIVA was born. All I had to hand was an old Breyer Cantering Welsh Pony which was somewhat short of inspiring so I decided to take her to bits and turn her into sometihing rather different. This was a project and a half and the finished piece was only completed the night before the show, but since she took the Supreme Championship it was all worthwhile.

Since then I've done quite a few major reworks for myself (many sold on) and also some reworks for Becky at Copperfox who asked me at the show to see what I could come up with by way of changing her models. That is how GAZARO IV came about, Copperfox connemara to Andalucian stallion.

I'll be posting more projects and How To articles here whenever I have time. Just click on the image and you'll reach the full article.