Meet our gorgeous new Spanish gentleman, Gazaro IV. He is a bit of a special model for me as Becky from Copperfox Models liked Justa Diva so much at the Copperfox Scottish Live Show that asked me to get creative with one of their 'Marble' connemara pony models for a feature article, well Gazaro IV is the result.

Gazaro IV started off as the Copperfox Marble Connemara pony. As you can see from the above pix he had a bit of a ways to go before turning into an Andalucian stallion.

I cut off his head to reset in in a turning and more arched position.

His tail was reset and foreleg raised.

Filling out where gaps have been made with the reworking and then it's on to sculpting, sculpting and yet more sculpting. Like my other project before, Justa Diva, Gaza had to have his entire body resculpted and remuscled for realism, thus taking the basic flatness of the original plastic model into a far more lifelike and realistic sphere.

After sculpting comes sanding by hand, lots of it, you want the model as smooth as possible. When you are sculpting it is sometimes hard to see where there are bumps and uneven places. It is only when you get the grey car primer sprayed on that you can see where you might have to do more work.

I decided to do a compled braided mane on him and this had to be wired into holes along the crest of his neck and then sculpted to look realistic.

All in all I was glad when all the sculpting work was done on this guy, it seemed to go on forever.

Lastly comes the painting. This was done in my usual mixed media of acrylics, pastels and pencil work.

Firstly he was base coated in white Gesso to give the pastels something to grip on to. Then it was a case of layer upon layer of dapples and shading using tones of silver, greys, creams and browns to get the rose grey colouring I was looking for.

Markings were done in acrylics as were his eyes and nostrils, hooves and that complex braided mane and his flowing tail.

He was finished off with Rio Rondo metal shoes and painted on nail heads.

The last pic shows this guy in all his Spanish glory on the beach.

Karon x