About me

My name is Karon Grieve and I've collected model horses since I was a child. My first real forray into the model horse hobby was with Julip models then Dream Ponies way back in the early seventies. A good few years later Breyer models entered the scene and we all started making them our own by customising them. This became a bit of a passion and I did literally hundreds of customs which I sold all over the world. In the 1990s I made my own line of resin model horses called Idyyl Sculptures. I also did a few original sculptures as well as the resins and my usual custom jobs.Karon Grieve

I started model magazines such as The Arabist in the late seventies and then Horsin'Around in the 1990s.

I showed my models at live shows all over the UK and knotched up many a Championship and Supreme. I also showed in photo shows all over the world and won many awards and Championships especially in performance which was my real passion.

Model horses were more than a hobby, they were my passion. Alas sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and just burn yourself out. This happened to me in about 2006 and I gave up the hobby completely. I sold my entire collection of models, props, tack, books etc. I even trashed all my photos. You could say I was pretty serious about leaving and never coming back.

Ho hum, here I am a decade later back painting ponies and thoroughly enjoying it. There is a difference though. This time it really is just a hobby as my main working life is pretty much packed with writing, food blogging, radio work and food/cooking demonstrations at events all over Scotland.

So here I am back at Dream Acres building a small showstring but then selling them when people say they love them so much, must try to hang on to some for myself. I do customs, repaints and remakes to sell and often put them on Facebook as well as the sales page here on my web site.

I launched my new come back at the Copperfox Live Show Tour at Stirling on 2nd May and was thrilled to win both the Performance and Supreme Championship with JUAST DIVA, a Breyer Cantering Welsh Pony model that I had very hastily resculpted when I just realised two weeks before the show that you were only permitted to show customised plastic models.

Since then I've had quite a few requests for custom work so I opened my books in the summer of 2016 and took in a few commissions when I had time. These have proved very popular and whenever I have time I will try to take on commission work as it is so much fun working with someone else to create the model horse that they are dreaming about and not just one I have in my own imagination.

As I am spending more time in Crete in 2017 where I do a lot of writing custom slots will be fewer.

I'd like to say a huge big THANK YOU to all those in the hobby who have welcomed me back with so much enthusiasm and happiness.

I hope you will enjoy my new Dream Acres web site as I build it and add snippets of news and sales information as and when it all happens.

Karon x